Rule of law

Training Name: Rule of law

Recipient: Students studying in the Faculty of Law at the National University

Location: National University Campus

Date: June 23rd to 24th 2021

Participants: 100

Proposed by: Badbaado Legal and Consultancy Center {BLCC}


JUNE 28/06/2021 Badbaado Legal Consultancy Center conducts two-day training for Law Students at the National University on the Rule of Law


The objectives of the training were to provide the trainees with practical knowledge and to prepare them for future legal skills in order to carry out their legal duties effectively, and the number of students who had the opportunity to participate benefited from the Subject. Is written.


• Our Legal Investigation and the Role of the Police

• Defendant's rights and legal obligations

• Duties of the Parties to the Case

• The Role of the Criminal Prosecutor

• Fair Trial Process and the Role of the Judge

• Conclusion

Case Investigation and Police Role:

The detective had the opportunity to show students the actual procedure and how to conduct criminal case investigations, crime analysis and bringing material evidence before the Court Students did have the opportunity to ask about all methods of case studies, presenting evidence gathered from crime scenes.

procedure submitted by a Lawyer

Allegation Decision:

The decision-making prosecuting well-argued by the prosecution, she asked several questions and allegations process of determining a claim in court, the prosecutor presented her process in criminal cases until their trial.

The Role of Criminal Justice Judges:

The judge provided the trainees with a comprehensive overview of the entire Criminal Court's proceedings from the Arrest Application to the determination of a Criminal or Serious Case


The Vice Chancellor concluded the two-day training and thanked all the participants and Badbaado Legal Counseling Center for thanking Badbaado for its role in contributing to the development of knowledge {especially the legal department} and submission. Legal experience with practicing law professionals.