Preventing the rise of extremist ideology

Awareness:          Preventing the rise of extremist ideology

Implemented:   Middle Shebelle Youth

Location:            Warshiikh / Middle Shebelle Region

Date:                25TH MAY 2021

Number of participants: 150

Prepared by:        Badbaado Legal and Consultancy Center BLCC}


This report is about the details of a workshop and awareness raising campaign against youth extremism organized by Badbaado Legal and Consultancy Center {BLCC} in Warshiikh District of Middle Shebelle Region in Hirshabele State. and parents of 150 people, organized by Warshiikh District Administration, with the aim of educating the youth to stay away from joining Al-Shabaab / IS} groups, and the guest of honor included the District Commissioner, Governor, Ministers and Officials of Hirshabele State.

The purpose

The main purpose of the awareness campaign was to enlighten young people about the dangers of joining extremist groups and the dangers of extremism, the harm these groups inflict on civilians, especially the vulnerable, as well as to understand the crime associated with extremist ideology.


Basic Concepts Covered by Awareness Included.

• Why Young People Join Extremist Groups

• How to Prevent Youth to be extremist

• How to build a Social Media Campaign

• Attraction of Terrorism

• The Value of Culture

Training system - summary

The workshop and awareness session began with introductions and introductions, after which the Executive Officers provided the trainees with Audio and Video presentations, descriptions used by extremist groups to lure young people into crime, as well as trainings. an important role in the debate  Of optimum  as mentally youth for caravans to be groups and the best way for young people can help to not take includes groups to protect themselves , the lives of innocent people and build and advance their future


The training was concluded by the Governor of Middle Shebelle, who spoke about the plight of extremist groups in the region, especially the vulnerable and how it is easy for young people to be recruited to join these groups, and then find it difficult to change their minds. He also thanked the Badbaado Legal and Consultancy Center CC BLCC} for its role in educating the youth of the region about the dangers of these groups and noted that the youth are in need and that awareness raising will change their thinking  to sustain such discussions and awareness raising.