About us


Badbaado is law firm and consultancy center that aims at to be standard and active working on issues regarding to the law and human rights. It was founded in 2018 after emerging the need of activists for the primary rights of human being and records them at the same time.

We advocate for everyone who suffers from human rights abuse and give legal consultancy.

Badbaado Organization stands for working on the human rights, specially serving for the vulnerable societies who had an impact and suffer from violation against human rights, such as killing, illegal arrest, rape, soldiering the children, ethnic discrimination, gender equality, female circumcision, threats against of civil rights and politics.

The Organization’s headquarter is in the Somali capital and will open office branches at all administrative capitals of the federal member states in Somalia.


The vision of Badbaado organizaton is to lead areas of legal consultancy in Somalia and east African region. It provides these services:-
=> Providing legal consultancy.
=> Supporting people with transparent advocacy on justice.
=> Giving awareness to the people.
=> Training people.


The objectives of Badbaado organization is to create a stable environment based on community who are free from every discriminative action mainly race, color, nationality, gender, religion and political views which can create an understanding and collaboration among the people that can enable prioritizing the law and order, human rights and people to understand their talents, knowledge and activities.


Badbaado organization has the principles and standards blew:-
=> Collaboration & cooperation
=> Transparency, talent and justice.
=> Free from politics and tribalism.
=> Accountability.
=> Satisfying our customers that we give legal consultancy.
=> To be prepared for future challenges and finds solution.

We are looking for new talents to join our team

This is the opportunity to be part of our team. If you are interested please send us a message.