Ministry of women and human rights development

Awareness:     Human rights  

For whom:      Ministry of women and human rights development

Location:        ELITE Hotel

Date:             April 5th to 6th 2021

Number of participants:     50 people

Provider:      Badbaado Legal and Consultancy Center {BLCC}


The stakeholder’s validation forum was held on 5th and 6th of April 2021 at Elite hotel by ministry of women human rights and developments. The forum was participated by civil society members, government/ ministries officials representing human right departments.The consultant from Badbaado had presented position paper with recommendations against proposed amendments violating international human rights, Somali provisional constitution and the United Nations conventions while proposing appropriate amendment and its substitute to enable the participate see the gaps thus give room for more consultation and suggestions to the documents.


The main objective of the consultancy and validation is to provide advisory opinion to ministry of Women and Human right Developments. The work will help the ministry to develop better legislations with international standards hence create awareness to community and all stakeholders involved at contributing in enhancement of equal human rights to all citizens. The forum had led important discussion on human right stakeholders on human right articles in the constitution and the new proposed changes thus help further strengthen those rights by suggesting strong words and expanding the rights of all citizens.


The Workshop forum methodology applied was participatory approach and role play session for the Participants and this approach included, presentation, group discussions, demonstration, Lecturing and question and answer sessions. The consultant presented detailed articles of the constitution on human rights, the gaps thoughts existing and its recommended replacement to strengthen them to fit international standards and UN conventions Somalia is a party to.